Skipping Meals is Unhealthy

If you eat excessively, you become fat and ended up being obese. So, do you think if you stop eating, you will be slim and sexy? Well, you might lose some weight temporarily. But you will never be slim and sexy. Even worst, in the long run you will be fatter and sicker.

Without going in to too technical, let me explain you the bad side of skipping meals. Yes, it’s true. Not just a particular meal but any meal.

Human body is not prepared to stay hungry for a long period of time. It needs to be fed every 2-3 hours. There are 11 main organ systems in our body. These systems need to be maintained in order to function properly. For maintenance, these systems need nutrition. Furthermore, these systems work continuously and interconnected inside the body. Even during the sleep, these systems take place in different manner. Some more actively and others not so much. Nevertheless, since one system depend on another, we cannot priorities just one.skip meals 2

There are lot of BADS than GOODS by skipping meals. Let me bring up some bad-effects that are directly link to your health.

Ideally speaking, let say you take your breakfast at 8-10 in the morning and lunch around 12-2 in the afternoon. There is a 4 hour gap in between. If you have your dinner around 6-8 in the evening, it will be about 4-6 hour gap. From dusk till dawn 12-14 hour gap, which is too long. However, if you follow this pattern, with a balanced-diet and some healthy snacks in between, there is nothing to worry about. But this is not the actual scenario. Specially, towards the beginning of the day when your activity rate is high by engaging house and office work, there is no chance of missing a meal. This means breakfast and lunch is a must. Dinner – something light but SHOULD NOT skip.

skipping meals3After a long period of starvation, your body’s sugar and insulin levels will fluctuate rapidly and cause many issues. The amount of nutrients that your body needs to main its organ systems will lack and you will prone to many system haywire due to insufficient energy level. You feel tired, dizzy, fatigue.

When you skipped a meal you have this mental satisfaction that you think, “Well….. I didn’t eat a 400-500 calories meal” and the next meal rolls around you need to eat more than you would have, so you might ended up eating more calories than you should. Even some studies suggest that you will eat more calories rest of the day.

Your body needs regular infusion of Carbohydrates, Protein, Fat, Vitamins, Minerals and water. This is not just for your physical energy but also for your mental energy too. As a result of this lack of nutrition, you feel tired and your mental energy is flagging, then you will reach for the wrong food. You might go for sweet things. You should have regular meals and snacks so you can sustain your energy. This is the only way to maintain you physical and mental energy. More often you eat the more likely you are to meet your nutrient needs over the cause of the day.

Why not establish a healthy eating pattern while you losing weight, and then continue to do that to ensure you will be able to maintain that weight loss.