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There are many reasons that you want to improve your physical wellness. You may be suffering from NCDs (Non Communicable Diseases), such as cardiovascuConsultation03.1lar diseases (Heart attack and Stroke), Hypertension (High blood pressure), Hypotension (Low blood pressure), Diabetes (Blood sugar), Chronic Kidney diseases, Chronic Lung diseases, Asthma and the list goes on. May be you just want to improve your overall Health & Fitness either through a weight loss or weight gain

Always Wellness takes you through a step by step wellness questioners and based on your answers we create your Physical Wellness Assessment. After that, you get your customised Nutritional Diet Plan and Exercise Prescription.

  • Your BMI and risk factor. 
  • Your ideal body weight.
  • Your Waist to Hip ratio. 
  • Your body composition. 
  • Your FAT mass. - body fat percentage and risk factor. 
  • Your lean mass. Fat free mass. 
  • Your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). Current Energy Consumption. 
  • Your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure). How much energy is used a day. 
  • Your Nutritional Assessment and Exercise Prescription. 

We don’t stop right there. We will constantly check your progress through many health & fitness tests all the way until you reached your goals. Well!!! That’s not all. We will be right behind you to maintain what you have achieved.

Our professional service packed with experience and knowledge in physical wellness. Therefore, we guarantee total customer service whenever you in need of help.



Always Wellness conduct many different kinds of physical wellness sessions. Packages are as follows.Consultation01

Physical Wellness for Workforce

Do you know, having an active and healthy staff can double your organisation’s productivity? A cheerful staff not only make the working environment enjoyable but also boost your income. Not to mention no more sick-holidays.

Having a physical wellness awareness program for your staff will definitely make a huge difference in your organisation.

Physical Wellness for Management

It doesn’t matter how healthy your employees are, if you and your management has a poor health & fitness. Why don’t you organise a physical wellness session for your management? What’s the point of having “a boat without a paddle”?

Physical Wellness for Teachers

We all know School teachers and other teachers play a huge role in the education sector. They are the guiding lights of our next generation. Our Physical Wellness awareness program for teachers covers almost all the aspects of improving a teacher's overall Health & Fitness.

Physical Wellness for Next Generation

Specially designed Physical Wellness Educational Program for all the children. From School to Private tuition, we conduct practical wellness sessions that any child can understand what are the importance of being physically fit and nutritionally healthy.

Physical Fitness for Religious PlacesConsultation02

One who physically able is the one who mentally strong. Always Wellness travels to Buddhist Temples, Church, Hindu Temples, Mosques and everywhere to spread the word about importance of staying physically fit and healthy.


Physical Wellness for Your Friends and family

Don’t just stick to yourself with what you do about your Health & Fitness. You can share your experience with your family and friends. We have specially design sessions for friends and family. Find a place where you can have a gathering for few people and we will do the rest. It is very important that all your friends and family to know the importance about health and fitness.

Physical Fitness for your fitness center and gym

You may be extremely busy with your clients in your fitness center. Too many thing to look after. Why don’t you arrange a Physical Wellness session for them for a change? I can guarantee, this will make a huge difference to your client-base. You can also tangle with us during the session to spice-up your clients’ knowledge about health & fitness.

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