Manjuma Salgadu

HEIGHT : 5’6” (170)
WEIGHT : 158 LBS (72)
DOB : JULY 05th 1974

An IT consultant turned Wellness promoter, Manjuma Salgadu has been in the Health & Fitness industry for more than two decades. Currently Manjuma is working as Wellness Promoter mainly promoting Physical Wellness all over the country. Apart from Physical Wellness, he works as a Dietitian and a Nutritionist.

Even though Health & Fitness industry is one of the most famous topic today, this subject is surrounded by lot of misconceptions and misinformation. Not only these misguidance fool people, but also lot of people are confused to what to believe and follow.

“My sole intention is to give people truth about importance of wellness. I strongly believe in the life style of Stone-Age. You simply live and follow the nature. Eat Fruits and Vegetable, Fish and Meat, Milk and Egg. Make no mistake, we cannot ignore the fact that we are part of the nature. So, therefore respect the nature and live with it”


As a country and as a world, we are in the verge of unhealthiness. This is due to unawareness, misinformation, and misconceptions and not to mention misguidance of information. Someone should do something to fix this. Make people aware of the fact that we can be super fit and healthy in no time. All you need is little bit of motivation, dedication and commit yourself to achieve your fitness goals. I want to make people aware of the importance of being healthy and fit. Convince children to follow a practically possible living style. Make old people to find a new active lifestyle rather than waiting for a message from the other side.


I reach out to people in many ways;

  • Advice people and explain the importance about Physical Wellness
  • Conduct Wellness Work Shops and lectures
  • Wellness Counselling
  • Get-togethers
  • Voluntary work for schools and public sector
  • Spread the message through my website and social media